At Loreto we aim to provide our students with the knowledge and understanding to make informed choices about their futures. We prepare our students to be confident, fulfilled young women who are capable of meeting the challenges of their time. “Students are well prepared for living in modern Britain” Ofsted 2013.

Careers Education is covered within PSHE lessons, subject areas and through whole school initiatives. Speakers from a range of career backgrounds are welcomed in to school to support Careers Education. There is an annual Careers Fair held at Loreto in November.

The Careers Lead at Loreto College is Mrs C. Wicks.  To contact her about careers at Loreto College, please e mail (01727 856206)

Key Stage 3

Year 7 & 8 pupils are encouraged to recognise their strengths and develop their interests in order to gain a greater understanding of themselves and their place in the world. A STEM Day (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) takes place in March for Year 8 pupils.

Year 9 pupils have a range of career guidance opportunities, aimed to support their option choices. They encouraged to discuss their careers ideas to ensure that their GCSE options are appropriate for their career aspirations. They participate in a Careers Fair in November and a Work shadow Day in July.

Key Stage 4

All students in Year 10 receive impartial advice and guidance from Careers specialists and YC Hertfordshire. Students are given the skills and information to research independently. A Careers Carousel and Careers Day takes place in July followed by one to one interviews with the Senior Leadership team to set targets and consider future plans.

In Year 11 vigorous progress tracking, supports students in enabling them to achieve their full potential. Two further interviews will take place with the Senior Leadership team during the year, to review targets and consider career planning. The Sixth Form Information Evening in October prepares students for their next step. Guidance is given on preparing a CV and writing letters of application. To enhance CV’s and personal Statements, work experience and attendance on the National Citizenship Programme is encouraged during the summer holidays.

Key Stage 5

Regular speakers and external agencies advise students about all aspects of University life, including applications and finances. Support is given with the preparation of personal statements and the application process. Leadership and enterprise opportunities are available and positively encouraged during the two years. Relevant work experience is arranged for all year 12 students in the first week of July. Students are encouraged to be proactive in providing their own placements although we do work with YC Hertfordshire to ensure that all students are placed. There are regular careers talks from speakers from a range of organisations. We also run an evening for parents about applying for apprenticeships and encourage students to attend the Apprenticeship Fayre at the University of Hertfordshire in March.

Details of our current programme for students, parents, teachers and employers:
Careers Programme 2020 – 2021

All students have a copy of this programme in their homework diaries and this is updated throughout the year. Date of next review: July 2021.

How we measure and assess the impact our careers programme has on pupils:

  • Unifrog – The Universal Destinations Platform: launching Autumn Term 2020. This web-based platform offers robust and accurate functions to track students’ progress, give feedback, write references and download what our students have done
  • Students encouraged to review and reflect on their careers progress using the Careers Record – Programme 2020-2021 which can be found in their homework diary
  • Students can speak to or email the following members of the Careers Team anytime they need specific careers advice:
    • Miss N Ross (Head of 6th Form and Assistant Head Teacher)
    • Mrs C Wicks (Careers Leader and Classics Teacher)
    • Mrs D Batchelor (Head of Careers and Classics Teacher)
    • Mrs F Eridani-Ball (Careers Administrator and LSA)
  • Year 13 Destination List is published annually on the school website (
  • Year 11 Destination Data obtained by Youth Connexions Herts and shared with the school
  • Evaluation surveys for students after key careers events
  • Evaluation surveys for staff carried out annually
  • School Council encouraged to add Careers to their agenda on a termly basis
  • Follow-up discussions in form time and lessons after key careers events


We are excited to have introduced Unifrog: The Universal Destinations Platform in the Autumn Term 2020

All students are able to access this web-based careers platform with their school email address in school and remotely.

Our implementation strategy for Key Stages 3, 4 & 5 in 2020-2021 is as follows:

Key Stage 3: Specific PSHE lessons encouraging students to use Unifrog. Additional sessions during ICT lessons. Focus is upon students researching their career options and choosing the most appropriate subjects at the end of Year 9.

Key Stage 4:  Unifrog implemented into the Year 10 Careers Day and students use it to complete their own CV and start thinking about their post-16 choices. · In Year 11, it will be used as part of the Sixth Form Information Event as a way of promoting the Sixth Form and encouraging students to make sensible choices post-16. Lesson plans provided by Unifrog to support this research.

Key Stage 5:  Integrating the platform into form time and PSHE activities in the Sixth Form. Students will be encouraged to research university options, rank different universities, helping them to research the most appropriate courses based on their grades. Students will be able to use the platform to produce their personal statements and get support from members of staff.

Useful websites for students / parents and carers to help with careers choices:

HOP Hertfordshire

If students want to explore Careers within Hertfordshire they should visit HOP (Hertfordshire Opportunities Portal). This site has been created for Hertfordshire students to find out about the local jobs in their home county. They will be able to find details about the types of jobs likely to exist now and in the future, find out about some of the big employers they might want to work for as well as information about apprenticeships.

Information for students and parents / carers about the local labour market:

YC Hertfordshire have published this useful document about the local labour market and the choices available for students in the local area:

Working with parents / employers to help our students make life choices

We are currently creating a list of individual and business partnerships to support our Careers Programme. Our aim is to provide good quality advice and guidance for our students and to offer worthwhile work experience placements. If you would like to be involved in this programme in any capacity please contact Mrs Wicks (Careers Lead)

How is Careers, Employability and Enterprise Education taught at Loreto College?

We are implementing the Gatsby Benchmarks through PSHE lessons and additional curriculum opportunities.

The eight Gatsby benchmarks of Good Career Guidance:

  1. A stable careers programme
  2. Learning from career and labour market information
  3. Addressing the needs of each pupil
  4. Linking curriculum learning to careers
  5. Encounters with employers and employees
  6. Experiences of workplaces
  7. Encounters with further and higher education
  8. Personal guidance

Each student in Year 10 and 11 is offered a 1 – 1 bespoke careers interview with an independent careers adviser from YC Hertfordshire. This is in addition to the interviews with the Senior Leadership Team to ensure that students are making the right choices to ensure their progression. In the Sixth Form, students are offered a range of careers advice from qualified careers advisers depending on their chosen careers route.

To enhance our provision we also work closely with the Careers and Enterprise Company and an Enterprise Advisor who review the Careers, Employability and Enterprise provision provided to ensure we are fully meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Further information about The Careers and Enterprise Company can be found here:

Further information about The Gatsby Benchmarks can be found here:

further information about The Government’s Careers Strategy can be found here: