Loreto College St Albans

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At Loreto College we aim to achieve the following:

  • Allow our students to work towards becoming independently active within the school and community.
  • Enable students to know the importance of physical activity to lead a healthy physical, social and mental life.
  • Build students’ self-esteem through the development of physical confidence, teaching them to cope with the successes and failures they might meet in competitive and co-operative activities, both in and out of sport.
  • Develop students’ problem solving and interpersonal skills, forging a link between the school, the community and across cultures.

Our intent is guided by and celebrates the values of Mary Ward:

  • Freedom – students take charge of their own learning and show commitment in Physical Education, demonstrating teamwork and understanding of everyone’s abilities and differences.
  • Justice – students are encouraged to understand fair play and adhere to the activity’s rules, becoming good leaders through appreciating the rules governing an activity.
  • Sincerity – teamwork and empathy is celebrated in all activities in order to learn about ourselves and challenge our own capabilities.
  • Truth – students are given time and space to reflect on their work and the work of others to showcase and evaluate their true potential.
  • Joy – last, but certainly not least, we want students to have fun whilst learning and flourishing in a physical environment.

In Key Stage 3, students explore a broad curriculum to widen and deepen their knowledge of physical education, evaluative skills, and values in sport. Emphasis is placed on students striving for their personal best whether this be mastering a basic skill or competing in the school club teams. In Year 9, students also develop leadership skills in a variety of activities.

In Key Stage 4, students will all take part in one hour of core PE. Students cover a variety of activities they will hopefully continue in their lives and beyond school. Students can also choose to study Physical Education at GSCE, learning all about the theoretical and physical aspects of the subject.

In Key Stage 5, Year 12 students take part in an optional weekly PE session. Students are given a choice of on and off-site activities with the aim to continue leading a physical active lifestyle once they leave the school.

PE Curriculum Maps


Netball Trials (September 2023)