Loreto College St Albans

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The design of the curriculum, whilst conforming to statutory requirements, is centred on the development of the whole person as a member of the human community.  The curriculum drives aspirations, it takes students to places they did not know they could reach and it is central to our desire to enable our students to meet with confidence the challenges of a changing world.


The curriculum is dynamic and flexible and thus responsive to the changing needs of the individual and of society.  It is based on a realistic grasp of the needs of students who live in the 21st century.

Programmes and courses are inclusive and respond to the needs of young people across the widest possible ability range that local circumstances allow.

Schemes of work are aspirational; they are designed with the highest expectations of personal and academic achievement in mind.

The curriculum takes account of the whole person.  Its aim is the fullest possible development of every dimension of the person.

Particular attention is paid to the ethical dimension of the curriculum in line with Mary Ward's values and British values.  Where possible teachers choose curriculum themes that engage students in intellectual analysis of, for example, justice and peace issues and environmental challenges which threaten the survival of the planet.

Time is set aside for students to engage in practical action and be agents of social change in their local communities and beyond.


 Our approach to teaching and learning is influenced by ‘the Ignation Learning Process’ which

·           considers the context of a student’s life

·           fosters experience that moves students beyond a cognitive grasp to an affective response

·           uses an approach that stimulates reflection on the deeper meaning of what is being studied

·           encourages students to be open to truth that leads to action

·           places great value on evaluation which leads to positive feedback.


Our guiding principle is that relationships in Loreto classrooms will be friendly and affirming and based on a Christ-like respect and compassion.  Care for the individual is paramount and teachers teach a person first and a subject second.