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Year 9 Options

Our Year 9 pupils are coming towards the end of Key Stage 3, and already know that their curriculum will change in Key Stage 4.

In September, they will continue to study English, Maths, Science, RE & French, but they will choose what to study for the rest of their timetable.  In the following video, Mr Downes outlines some important issues to consider when making these choices, and explains how the options process is managed at Loreto.

This booklet outlines what is covered in both the compulsory and the optional KS4 courses:

Options Booklet Jan 2022

Before any choices are made, it is important for pupils and parents to get an update on progress in every subject, so we are hosting two online parents evenings:

9S, 9T & 9Y – Thursday 13th January – 5.00 to 8.00 pm

9F & 9J – Wednesday 19th January – 5.00 to 8.00 pm

Posted 6th January 2022