Loreto College St Albans

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The term Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) was first used by the World Council of Churches and later adopted by the Catholic Church. The World Council of Churches appealed to Christian churches to make public commitments and undertake common action in the areas of justice, peace and care of creation. The phrase JPIC captures the theological understanding that the life and work of the church are intimately bound up by God’s plan for the salvation of the world. This includes the liberation and development of all people and the responsible stewardship of planet earth.

JPIC is a way of describing the Christian’s responsibility to make God visible in the world by bringing Good News to the poor and the excluded, exposing oppression and living in solidarity with those on the edge of society.

JPIC has been integral to the work of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary for many years and following in the footsteps of the Loreto Sisters we are called to:

  • Allow ourselves to be challenged by the gospel
  • Take sides with the poor and oppressed and allow them to be the centre of our lives and ministry
  • Work for unity, peace, dialogue and reconciliation
  • Live sustainably and protect the environment

At Loreto College St Albans we endeavour to work constantly for justice, peace and creation issues. Each form group at the school provides 2 students to join the JPIC group, who hold regular meetings under the supervision of the RE department. This group spearhead the charitable works that are undertaken over the course of the year, motivating and inspiring the whole school community to focus more effectively and consistently on the various issues which affect people’s lives. Through prayer, advocacy, education, reaching out to those in need and those who are oppressed, we challenge our community to make the world a better place for all.

As a catholic school, we recognise that charity does not merely take the form of raising money for good causes and we teach our students that giving time, talking to people in need and inspiring others to help can be of equal importance. Nevertheless, we are keen fundraisers at Loreto College St Albans and since 2011 our students, parents and staff have raised over £150,000 to support a multitude of local, national and international charities. Our JPIC team also organise non-cash initiatives such as the delivery of Christmas hampers to those in need in our local community.

The most recent inspection of Loreto College St Albans, conducted by the Westminster Diocese in January 2020, found all aspects of Catholic education and Catholic life at the school to be outstanding. With regard to “The contribution to the Common Good – service and social justice” the report stated the following: “Outstanding.. It is clear that not only do pupils actively engage in acts of service but they have an excellent understanding of the theology underpinning their actions. The ‘JPIC’ group exemplifies outstanding service and social justice in a school”

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