Loreto College St Albans

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Chaplaincy at Loreto - St Albans works within the “Vision, Values and Philosophy” statement of Loreto Education in England. Its role is defined in this document as: “helping students to strengthen their relationship with God through prayer, liturgy and action and (in) helping them reflect on their hopes and fears, dreams and gifts”.

Chaplaincy at Loreto St Albans is a team effort led by Miss O’Callaghan. She works closely with the IBVM Sisters, the clergy at St Alban and St Stephen and the Step team to ensure that the chaplaincy team’s remit is wide ranging and centred in light of the principles and ethos described above. At the heart of the chaplaincy team are the Sixth Form RE and liturgy prefects who nurture the gift of discernment both in themselves and those to whom they minister. The chaplaincy team are involved in the telling of Mary Ward’s story and in deepening staff and students’ understanding of the relevance of our core values to the day-to-day life of our school, leading and supporting preparation for liturgical events such as our Year 7 Welcome Mass, Year 13 Leavers’ Mass, weekly Mass, whole school Masses and Advent and Lent services.  There are opportunities for one-to-one and small group spiritual development, prayer and reflection and we respond to major events in the life of the school and our students and staff.  The chaplaincy team works closely with the Senior Leadership Team, pastoral tutors and the RE department. Years 7 – 11 experience an annual retreat provided by the Step team and Yr. 10 can participate in the annual pilgrimage to Rome. Eucharistic ministers’ training is offered to confirmed students from year 12 upwards and staff and students can train to become catechists going out to local schools to teach the younger children.  Links are made between school, feeder primary schools and parishes. A vital part of the chaplaincy is our thriving JPIC group.

At Loreto St Albans there is a special emphasis on the Ignatian spirituality in which Mary Ward was steeped. Consequently, our approach to students and staff is rooted in a belief that God can be found in all things and that our own experience of day-to-day living is where God speaks to us.

At the heart of the work of chaplaincy is care for the person.  Our starting point is the belief that all our students and staff are created in the image and likeness of God and all are offered the fullness of life. Our chaplains serve the needs of all students and all staff and provide a setting where all are welcome and where lives and experiences can be shared in safe and affirming surroundings.