Loreto College St Albans

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Proposed Admissions Consultation 2025

The Governors have recently agreed to propose some changes to our admissions criteria for 2025.  These are as follows: 

  1. To give priority to children of staff.

It is important that our school is able to attract and retain high quality staff to ensure that our children and young people receive the best quality teaching and support possible. 

  1. The feeder schools based outside the St Albans area will no longer be allocated a set number of reserved places, but instead ALL girls from those feeder schools will have the same priority.  

In our experience, we have found that the current arrangements can confuse our feeder school parents and also deter them from applying. This change would give clarity and ensure a fairer system as all applicants will fall under the same category. 

  1. To give priority to Catechumens and members of an Eastern Christian Church.  

 This is in accordance with Diocese of Westminster policy. 

  1. Our explanatory notes have been updated in line with the guidance contained in the Hertfordshire document "Statutory Schools Admissions Consultation & Determination Process". 


The full proposed criteria and supporting admission forms are available below: 

We would welcome written comments from our parents and/or any interested parties.  These should be sent to Mrs S Williams at the school address (or via email to swilliams@loreto.herts.sch.uk) by the closing date of the formal consultation, 9am on 31st January 2024.     

We will not be able to acknowledge or respond individually to comments, however, they will be taken into account when the Full Governing Body meet at the end of the period of consultation to consider any responses.  Following this, the 2025 Admissions Criteria will be determined by the deadline date of 28 February 2024.