6th Feb 2019 – This week the Y9 and A-Level German students had the pleasure of watching, as well as participating in, “So eine Nervensäge” (“A real pain in the neck”).  Aoife Butler (9S) and Henrietta Algaard (9T) tell us more about their experience ….

This was an outstanding German play performed by Onatti Productions.  Their humorous play was very entertaining for all of the pupils who had the opportunity to watch it.  All of the students, especially the Y9 pupils, were surprised to find that we knew and understood the majority of the vocabulary throughout the whole play.  We were also able to interact with the actors by responding to questions in German, using our own knowledge and skills as well as German vocabulary that we had learnt in our lessons.   The play was highly interactive and allowed us to be involved with the enthusiastic actors on the stage.  We thoroughly enjoyed this play and are grateful to have had this opportunity.