March 12th / On Friday 6th March the year 9 French sets had the chance to watch a French play. Ana Hill Lopez-Manchero (9J) tells us all about it …

The play was about a rundown hotel in France which hadn’t had any customers for weeks. Finally they got a customer, but the couple running the hotel thought that the customer was an escaped convict who they had heard about. The whole play was very enjoyable because they got two pupils involved to act in the play. We all had a lot of fun and I’m sure that everyone learnt a lot of new vocabulary which they had not known until watching this play. The actors were very funny and helped us with the new vocab by acting out the words and phrases which we might have found hard to understand. At the end of the play we had enough time to ask them some questions about their jobs and where they came from. The whole play was a success and I’m sure that everyone loved it.