23rd May 2017 – Recently our Year 9 had the pleasure of watching a French production that was produced by French speaking actors (Onatti Productions).  Julie Andrews (9S) has written the following report:

            This play was based around a girl called Colette and her struggles in her new job in a cafe. It used language that revolved around different topics we learn about in class: clothes; describing a person; food and drink; and so many other topics! It also used the different tenses which are important for the Year 9s to hear in the right context as this helps us to understand how to use them even more.

This play was not only educational but also very entertaining. The actors had produced the play very well and in a way that kept Year 9 attentive and joining in when needed. Some students did participate in the play and enjoyed being part of the production. I feel that it has helped students with some of their pronunciation and other aspects of  the language.  It has also given another perspective to the language as the students have seen that it can be used in acting.

Overall, this play was a wonderful experience that brought a smile to our faces and surprised us with the amount of French we could understand.  It really helped us to hear how to improve our pronunciation on most of the French words we use in lessons, and how to sound more natural when speaking the language.