March 17th / Last week, the Art and Technology Departments worked together to provide an exciting 2-day programme for all students.  Art and Textiles collaborated to make lino printed fabric squares bordered with log cabin patchwork.  Resistant Materials and Food Technology collaborated to make Easter cupcakes with piped buttercream and cake stands to compliment them. At the end of the day students gathered to evaluate their work and eat the delicious cakes.  We would all like to thank Staff who took part, as well as those who covered their lessons, and most of all Mrs Leane for weighing out 150 sets of cake ingredients!

Here are some reports from the students …

“On Tuesday 10th March, I took part in the technology day. I was assigned the combination of art and textiles; they were grouped together because they were linked. First of all I did art with Miss Cooke where we did lino printing. We were given the topic of birds. From the inspiration sheets, I drew a simple design based on birds. I transferred my picture of the bird onto a lino tile using tracing paper. Once I had it onto my lino tile, I used lino cutting tools to cut everything out apart from my bold outlines of my bird. Then I used rollers to evenly spread ink over my print then printed the tile onto both tissue paper and fabric. We then went up to textiles; we made a fabric border to go around our fabric print. We did this by selecting fabrics and patterns and sewing them together to make a square of different fabrics bordering our final print. All of the squares made will be sewn together to create a hanging to display in the main hall. The hanging will have a variety of colours and prints of birds, fish, dragonflies and butterflies which will create a beautiful display. I, along with many others really enjoyed the day, felt it was fun and educational, lots of people learnt new skills that will continue to help you throughout many aspects of technology in the future.

“The purpose of the day was to give the students an insight into the creative subjects at GCSE level. I am sure it inspired many people to consider a technology GCSE, which is great because that was the aim of the day. I was also intrigued by the idea of a creative subject for GCSE. Miss Cooke also gave us some insight into why choosing one of the subjects can help us in the future, which was very helpful for me and others to try and picture how it can help us and for us to decide whether it is the right way for us to go.”

By Grace Harrington – 8Y

IMG_3648     DSCN0227

“On Tuesday, I was in the art and textiles group and enjoyed making the hangings and the lino tiles. I felt that that day helped me to think more realistically about my GCSEs. I now want to do a food tech GCSE and before Tuesday, I did not think I would do I would do that. I even thought about doing a textiles GCSE, but I learnt that if I do two technology GCSEs, that would mean I have to pursue a technology career. After that day, I realised that GCSEs are not far away and I started to plan what GCSEs would be helpful and what I want to do.”

By Melanie King – 8Y

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“On Tuesday the 10th of March 2015 year 8 had an art day to give us a taste of the different subjects we could choose for our GCSE’s. I was in the Food Technology and Resistant Materials group. My first session was Food where we made these delicious cupcakes. We made about 4 or 5 each, iced them and decorated them for the rest of our year group to enjoy. My second session was RM. There we made cake stands for our cupcakes. We had to construct the cake stand and decorate it with an Easter theme. My group and I chose an animal theme. Altogether it was an enjoyable day but to make it better for the future year 8’s for the food tech and RM group we could have had a choice of what to make, for the art and textiles had a choice of topic to design their lino tiles with.”

By Juola Joseph – 8Y


“On Art and Technology day I had such an exciting day. In the morning I did Product Design and in the afternoon I did Food Tech. In Product Design we had to make cupcake stands. We were all put into groups of 3 or 4’s, and then we were moved into the studio to design our own cupcake stand. It was quiet hard because we had to make the design twice and exactly the same shape and size. Once we had finished our designs we had to make a template of our stand out of card board. Finally we were given a foam board to make our actual stand. We drew our design on the board and then cut it out with a craft knife. When we had finished cutting both of the designs out we had to cut a straight line up one design and a line down the other so they could be slotted together. Afterwards, one person from our group went to print out a design to stick onto our template. We used different sizes of plates to hold the cake on to the stand. When we had stuck the design to the template and put our plates through, our cupcake stand was finished and it was ready to put on some cakes on. I enjoyed this very much because it is something we don’t always do.

“In Food Tech we all learned how to make cupcakes and we all got to make 4 cup cakes each. When we had mixed our mixture together we put them inside cupcake cases and straight in the oven. While we waited for the cakes to finish cooking we got to make our own icing which was really fun. We also got given food colouring to add colour to own icing. When the cakes were ready and the icing was ready we all watched a video clip on how to decorate cakes professionally and then we all designed our cakes. All the cake was very nice and colourful.

“At the end of the day we all went to an assembly were we all learned what people had done on the day and we all got a cupcake. They used the cupcake stands that people had made to put the cupcakes on. It was an enjoyable and fun day and it also taught all of us what we might to pick for GCSE.”

By Antonia Babs-Jonah, 8J



“On our Art and Technology day I had Art in the morning and Textiles in the afternoon.  In the morning I did Art for 2 hours. Everyone in my class had to draw a design of a dragonfly (which represents freedom) and we did that on a piece of paper, then after we were happy with our design we traced it onto tracing paper. We transferred our design onto our lino tile then we used special tools to scrape out the design. When we were finished scraping out the design we then used ink and a roller to cover our tile, we rolled the ink onto the tile making sure we didn’t put too much or too little. We then used some tissue paper to print the design and make sure we would be happy with the finished product. After we had done this and scraped away any imperfections if necessary, we pressed the design onto a piece of cloth.

“In the afternoon I did textiles for an additional 2 hours. With the design we made in Art we were told to make a border to go with our design. We chose 4 different shades of fabric making sure they went from light to dark (which was very important), starting with the lightest piece of fabric. We then cut the fabric and made sure the width was 10cm and the length was the same as our design (we made two of these). We then sewed them to the fabric to the design using the sewing machine, then kept on cutting the fabric to length, making sure the width was 10cm long. We did this with all the fabrics we had chosen to make a border. If we had time we could add extra decoration like a bow or some buttons.

“At the end of the day we all met up in the studio to show the rest of our year what we had made and we all got 1 or 2 cupcakes that the people in Food Tech had made. I had a wonderful day and it was helpful with what I might want to do for GCSEs.”

By Rachel Johnson 8J