July 13th / The Friday before last, the whole of Year 7 took part in a trip to Whipsnade Zoo organised by the Science Department.  The following report was written by Rose and Gaia in 7S.


When we arrived at Whipsnade Zoo we were given some handouts which we had to fill in throughout the day. We were then asked to make our way to the first stage of our visit, divided up into forms.  We started with the bear’s enclosure.  At first we were a little disappointed as the bear would not come out, but then it appeared from the forest, looking at all the Loreto school girls admiring him.


On the other side of the enclosure there were some information cards about the animals which helped us to complete the handouts.

After having a close look at all the different varieties of species, we sat down to watch the Birds of the World show.  It was a fantastic experience, as we got to have beautiful and extraordinary birds so close to us.  The part that we particularly enjoyed was the finale because  multi-coloured beautiful parrots were flying around the audience.


Photo 1b


Next we made our way up to the sea-lion show which was also very impressive and entertaining, but still educational as we learned about what sea-lions have to cope with in order to survive.  This includes the problems that littering can cause.  We also got to see the agile sea-lion, Lara, moving in the water doing flips and many more tricks … some of us got wet from the splashes made by the sea-lion!



In the hours that followed we had a good look around at all the animals and had our lunch.  We have especially  enjoyed looking at bears, elephants, otters, and of course the meerkats.

In conclusion we really enjoyed this magnificent experience and we truly think we are speaking on behalf of all of Year 7.