14th Sept 2018 – This Tuesday saw the first district athletics event of the 2018-2019 year – The Year 7 Mob Race!

22 of our Year 7 students took part in the cross country event which involved having to navigate themselves through a course full of hills, different terrains and lots of other students from the schools across the district.

The girls did exceptionally well, and Loreto finishing 3rd overall!!!  Our top runner, coming in with a 4th place finish was Saoirse T-Hicks, but this is very much a team event so congratulations and merits also go to the following Year 7 pupils: Giuseppina Carnevale, Gabriela G-Pavon, Katie Ennion, Eva Glynn, Mackenzie Holt, Rosalina Argenio, Cristina Afonso, Elena Caamano, Seven C-Matthews, Ruby Raine, Caitlin Adair, Kate Kyle, Isobel Ball, Jasmine Hough, Lilia Ventrice, Matilda Cremins, Grace Loftus, Serena Oduka, Ava Marlow, Roberta Adewunmi, Tallulah O’Brien.

Don’t forget cross country training is on Tuesday lunchtimes, and the cross country league is Thursdays after school!