13th Sept 2017 – It’s always great to see our new Year 7 pupils getting stuck into all aspects of school life.  Yesterday evening several of them took place in the a cross country race against students from all the local secondary schools.  There were over 200 runners in total.  All of our competitors will receive a merit for taking part, and the top six will receive two!

After such a good start to the year, we hope to see all of these students and more taking part in cross country training on Wednesday lunchtimes at 1.30 pm with Mrs Stephens.

The results were as follows:

Name Form Position
Ellen Burke Y 12
Rubie Evans T 30
Oksana W-Jardzioch J 34
Lola Heasley T 48
Isabel Adair F 51
Siobhan O’Donnell J 53
Leonie Field Y 54
Annie O’Shea T 56
Christine Bond T 57
Keira Jasinski J 59
Amy Ryall Y 66
Naomi Latter F 91
Natalie Krezel J 95
Edith Marron Y 103
Ciara Lynn J 105
Mia Michau F 109
Carys Russell S 128
Klara King S 136
Lydia Swann F 139
Ellie-May Brennan S 140
Lexie Mawdsley Y 141
Amber Ward S 164