June 25th / We were so impressed by this work that we just had to show it off!  Recently 7F and 7J created house models for French. They had to use everyday resources to create a house that was approximately the size of two shoeboxes high.  This project allowed them to be creative whilst developing their French vocabulary.

“I think that making the model of a house was very enjoyable because I could add personal touches to whatever I wanted, I also love being creative with French and this was a nice change from what we normally do for homework.” – Rachel Johnson

“I enjoyed creating my model for French and I think that it helped me to learn all the rooms and levels of the house as well as being creative. It was great fun making the actual model and all the furniture. I hope that this will be a good revision resource in the future as well.” – Li-An Lewis

Well done to everyone who produced such fantastic houses!


French houses 2

French houses 1