June 12th / Today all Year 10 pupils attended a lecture on “Sustainability ” given by Mr Mark Hawker, the Head of Engineering with Sainsbury’s.  Mr Hawker described various engineering practices within the company which are intended to provide environmental, social and economic benefit.  For example, products are now being sold with minimal packaging.   We also heard about how this retail business is integrating sustainability into their store operations and marketing strategies because they feel it is their duty not only to be responsible for the quality of their products but also for the impact that their products have on our environment.

Within class, students have already learnt that healthy ecosystems and environments are necessary to the survival of humans and other organisms. Ways of reducing negative human impact include environmentally-friendly chemical engineering and environmental resource management, as well as environmental protection.  Moving towards sustainability is a challenge that involves international and national law, urban planning and transport, local and individual lifestyles and ethical consumerism.

Mr Hawker concluded his lecture with an insight into the career opportunities open to females in engineering.  Women have traditionally been underrepresented in the whole field of engineering, which thankfully is a trend that is now in rapid decline.

We are very grateful to Mr Hawker for taking the time and trouble to give our students such useful insights into modern engineering.