The Year 10 Careers Day was a great success and the students appeared to get a lot out of every session, each of which focussed on transferable employability skills.   The Careers Team would like to extend their sincere thanks to all the guest speakers who gave up their time to support the Q&A sessions, and all the members of staff who worked so hard to make the day such a success. 

The sessions:

  • Q&A Panel gave students a chance to question people working in a range of different careers. 
    We were lucky to be supported by 16 guest speakers across a variety of different industries and professions.  
  • CV Workshop let students access our online careers platform, Unifrog, to build their own CV. 
  • The Interview got students thinking about and practising giving answers to a range of different job interview questions. 
  • Mood Board got students inspired and creative about their future-selves.   
  • Sustainability in Business was designed to get students thinking creatively and innovatively about environmental issues that face small and big businesses alike.    

Beneath this selection of photos you will find some feedback from the students themselves:



Here are some reflections from our Year 10 students, who all did themselves and the school proud: 

I really enjoyed careers day and the activities were great fun. The activities such as creating your own mood board, a CV, and designing sustainable resources for the school really allowed me to get creative and think ahead for the future. The Interview showed me how I could prepare for job interviews because it showed what questions to expect and how I should answer them. And the Q&A session offered me a chance to think about what path I might want to take and even if I don’t get a job I expected, it doesn’t mean I still can’t be happy where I am. Overall, the day was a real eye-opener which helped me to see what to expect for the future.”

“Year 10 Careers day was a great opportunity to think more about the path I would like to take in the future. I enjoyed the Q&A session the most as I was able to learn more about different jobs from the perspective of people in that profession and we were able to ask specific questions based on the information they had given us. The mood board session was a creative way to group together some ideas for the future.” 

I thought that Careers Day was an excellent opportunity to start thinking about future jobs and occupations in a fun and interesting way. It offered a sense of reassurance and comfort knowing that the school is there to support us during our important decisions, as we prepare for our forthcoming education and professions. I particularly enjoyed the Q&A panel, where we were able to ask people of different professions their career journeys and their own thoughts and opinions about work life. We were also able to begin writing our CVs and answer some possible interview questions, which helped me think more positively towards applying for jobs.”

“I really enjoyed all of the activities we partook in today. I found them extremely helpful in deciding what I should do in the future and thought that creating the CV on Unifrog was very beneficial. It was easy to use and helped me to think of what more I could do now in order to add to it.”

Sustainability Session Report:
The students all fully immersed themselves in planning a sustainable initiative for Loreto as part of careers day. This was designed to tie in with our centenary celebrations in 2022. They were set the challenge to come up with a project that would not only improve our school environment and be sustainable but would have additional benefits. They explored ideas such as saving the school money or generating an income, promoting mental health, increasing educational understanding, and enhancing the reputation of the school. We asked the students to think of something “visual” that would leave a legacy.  We were truly impressed with the range of ideas they came up with, from green rooves, solar panels and energy saving devices to composting food waste, water butts, re-wilding and bee gardens. We even had suggestions of exercise bikes that would generate energy and outdoor classrooms powered by solar energy! The pupils not only showed great creativity in their ideas but in their groups but also took on individual roles such as financial director, communications officer, designer, and members of the sales team delivering their pitch. We look forward to sharing their ideas with the Governors! Here is some of their work:
Posted July 2021