Feb 10th / Our Year 9 students have been doing some great work to support primary school sports activities.  Libby Miller (9T) tells us more about this …

Taking part in the Sports Leadership programme has been a thrilling and rewarding experience so far.  Working with children from various primary schools in and around St. Albans reminds us of our own primary school experience, and it is a great time to share our passion for sport and competition.

Our first task as sports leaders was to support the Sportshall Athletics trials.  Beforehand we were given training on how to set up the equipment and how to improve our leadership and presentation skills.  The tournament took place at Verulam Boys School and was held on two nights with a total of 11 schools competing.  During our training, we chose which event we felt most comfortable leading and then helped the pupils to complete that event.  Both nights included track and field events such as the over-under relay and the indoor javelin, and everything went very smoothly.

 verulam 1 verulam 2 verulam 3

Our second task was speed stacking at Garden Fields primary school.  We encouraged pupils to build a stack of cups in the quickest time possible.  One leader was placed at each primary school’s table and had to time how long it took for each pupil to complete the stack.  It was very rewarding to see the children celebrating when they achieved a high score, and to see the teamwork and positivity they showed.   At the end, the staff from each primary school also had to complete a speed stack!

stack 1 stack 2

Both of these events were highly rewarding and enjoyable, and being a Sports Leader has been very worthwhile. The best part of it was the bond we made with some of the children, and the positivity they showed.  Our next event is the Sportshall Athletics final on Thursday 3rd March at Hertfordshire Sports Village.

The Year 9 Sports Leaders are:

Alice Broderick

Mia Collins

Catriona Condon

Mia Cranny

Roisin Doyle

Juola Joseph

Louisa Leung

Sophie Mahafey

Niamh Maslen

Ellie Millar

Libby Miller

Niamh O’Hara

Bethany O’Neill

Holly O’Shea

Tyra Ukuti-Edmund

Jennifer Ward-Tsang