Feb 10th / On Monday, all Year 9 German students had the opportunity to watch a play in German.  Emma Edwards (9Y) tells us more about this …

We were invited to watch a German play called ‘Zwillinge’ (“The Twins”).  The play was about a girl called Annika and her identical twin brothers called Lukas and Dominik.  Annika was preparing a drama practical and needed Lukas’ help.  Confusion ensued when Annika didn’t realise that sometimes she was talking to Lukas and sometimes to Dominik.



The play was enjoyable to watch and was quite easy to understand.  The actors used vocabulary that we had learned in class, as well as lots of gestures to help us follow the plot.  At points, people from the audience were asked to get up on stage and join in, which added to the entertainment.  We also had the opportunity to ask the actors questions at the end.




Overall, the play was beneficial to our understanding of German, as well as being very enjoyable!