13th March 2017 – “Auf dem Campingplatz” was performed to our Y9 German students by two actors who spoke only German for the entire performance.

Georgia McConachie of 9J tells us all about it:

I have been studying German for 2 years and I did not believe that I would completely understand the storyline.  However, the actors spoke very clearly and I understood what was happening throughout the performance.  The plot line was easy to follow and was not too complex, nor too simple. The play itself I found very enjoyable and funny, and the actors interacted with the audience a lot which I found amusing.  There were choices that we, as the audience, helped the characters to make.  They even got some of the audience to speak German to pass on messages etc.  The actors themselves were very talented and very funny. Their characters were relatable to today’s teenagers and it was interesting to see their interpretation.

Overall, I was very impressed with the German play and found it very entertaining.  It was interesting, funny, and interactive and I would love to see a play like this again. I was fascinated by the two actors and how they were able to act and have music and sound effects playing simultaneously.  Their backgrounds were also very interesting as I found out through the questions at the end of the play. It was a privilege to have the opportunity to watch it!

Through watching “Auf dem Campingplatz” I have discovered that I can understand a lot more German than I thought, and finding this out has boosted my confidence with my German listening!


Megan Keating (9J) has also added this:

The German play was entertaining and also helped with our learning in class.  The storyline of the play included a lot of the vocabulary we have learned in our German lessons this term which made it a lot easier to understand.  The interaction with the audience was great because so many people got involved.  This added to the humour of the play as it was funny to see our classmates taking part in a play they had never seen before.  The actors didn’t care about their appearance in the play and kept in character the whole time.  The woman wore the most ridiculous outfit finished off with black lipstick and a pink hat yet she didn’t think about that and stayed in character which helped make the play so enjoyable to watch.  Overall, the German play was well put on and therefor really enjoyable to watch.