6th Nov 2017 – Last week out Y9 French students were treated to another enjoyable and educational play in French, presented by Onatti Productions.  Marilyn in 9J tells us more …

The play was called “Mes Chers Voisins,” which translates as “My Dear Neighbours.” The play was performed by two native speakers, who actually live in France but are on tour performing plays to schools around the United Kingdom. The play was about neighbours on the same streets and the occurrences that happen on that street, including exam results and dates going wrong.

The play helped us to understand numbers, school subjects, buying cinema tickets, food, preferences, parts of the body, the time, and clothes in only fifty minutes. Mes Chers Voisins was a play that we understood very well because we learned most of the vocabulary at school already. We were all astonished at how much French we could understand by the acting and the speaking of the energetic actors.

The play was very comical and we all had a good time enjoying the scenarios between various characters, including Marion and Sam (a “couple,” who are not getting on very well, due to Marion’s stupidity when choosing outfits for various dates), Candice and Hugo (two teenagers, who find out their exam results together, and, in the end, go out together) and Magali (a Justin Bieber fan, who does not know anything about him).

The play was hilarious, and everyone was talking about it after the performance. We hope that Onatti Productions will perform this play to next year’s Year 9s because it was a great opportunity that we would always remember. Who knew that we could understand so much of this play from just the vocabulary that we have learned at school!