6th Feb 2020 – Last week Year 9 embarked on a wonderfully educational trip to the British Museum.  Lottie McCallum (9T) tells us all about it …

The purpose of travelling into central London was to see a world-renowned exhibition, ‘Troy’. Furthermore, Year 9 also had the incredible opportunity to view the Parthenon Frieze: large slabs of marble that the Greeks carved as a form of appreciation and worship for Athene. Throughout the whole day, there was an atmosphere that buzzed with excitement and awe, fuelled by the fascinating facts, artefacts, replicas and interpretations. It truly gave all students a deeper understanding and appreciation of what life was like over 2500 years ago in Ancient Greece. The Troy exhibition allowed us to ponder the city and its legitimacy as a real place rather than just a place in mythology.


A booklet was given to each student containing questions on both the Parthenon Frieze and Troy, which were reviewed back at school. However, the day was not limited to Classics alone: Science and History were evident in many of the museum’s exhibitions. Geography was also included as students were given free time to explore many of the museum’s free and open exhibitions. For example, there was a very large display that explored different continents and their indigenous cultures.

In conclusion, the entire day was an incredible, educational and thrilling experience that all students will remember long after their school career. On behalf of all of Year 9, we would like to say thank you to Mrs Wicks for organising such a delightful trip!