7th Oct 2019 – Our Y8 students spent the day off timetable taking part in a series of activities aimed at reinforcing their enjoyment of languages.  Darcey Mc Loughlin (8S) tells us all about it …

At the start of the day I was put into Group 4, and we went with Mrs Erandani Ball to learn about Italy. It was really fun. First on the agenda were some famous landmarks in Italy, including the Colosseum. We also learnt about Venice and Rome. Next, we had a quiz on all the facts we could remember about Italy. It was a challenging but fun activity to do with my friends. My favourite part of this session was learning some Italian words.


The second session consisted of my group doing a Country Fact quiz with some sixth formers. We had to learn facts about one country. Saffron, Emilia, Eva, Miranda, Vidhi and I got France. We had one minute to answer each question and we were against our classmates. It was fun and it felt like we were on the game show Countdown.

After some croissants and orange juice at break, my next country was Japan. I was excited as I have always wanted to go to Japan. We learnt about Japanese culture and manners. A highlight was learning to count to ten in Japanese, with actions to help us remember the numbers.

For lunch, we had an astounding array of foods from different countries, including spaghetti bolognese, peri peri wraps, and fish and chips!  After lunch, we completed an interactive music quiz with Miss Baptisto. We went into groups and when the music played we had to guess the country it originated from. This was quite tricky, although we listened out for different accents and languages to help identify the answers.

Finally, we had an art session with Miss Boyt. I love art, so I was really looking forward to this activity. We used colours to express feelings and I used yellow for happiness. We also had a pop quiz about the countries we had learnt about during the day.

We ended our MFL day with an assembly. Winners throughout the day got awards and yummy treats. It was a great end to a great day. We really enjoyed MFL fun day, and I couldn’t wait to get home to teach my family some Japanese!