Later this term Loreto College will be hosting Human Papillomavirus (HPV) immunisations delivered by the NHS School Aged Immunisation Team. Parents of Y8 pupils are requested to click here to fill in an online consent form.  It is important for you to discuss and complete the form with your child.

You will need to use the unique code number EE138106, which identifies Loreto College.

The electronic link will close at 10pm on Thurs, 19th Nov 2020.

Please note: The form may not work on some mobile phones and tablets.  If required, you can telephone 01462 341173 for alternative consent options.

Maggie Davies, the Immunisation Lead has supplied the following information for your reference:

HPV infections can be spread by any skin-to-skin contact, and are usually found on the fingers, hands, mouth and genitals. This academic year all year 8 students, boys and girls, will be offered the HPV vaccination. Research shows that the HPV vaccination not only provides protection against cervical cancer for girls but protects boys against some cancers of the anus and genital areas, and both boys and girls from some mouth and throat cancers.

In line with the National Immunisation Programme, Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust School Aged Immunisation Service offers the HPV vaccination to all of year 8 boys and girls in school. Your child will require two injections with the second injection given approximately 6 months after the first.

We will be following COVID-19 infection control guidelines at all these sessions. Please can you make sure on the day of the immunisation your child is fit and well. He/She is wearing appropriate clothing i.e. short sleeved shirt or blouse, and they are wearing a face mask for the duration of the immunisation. Please encourage your child to eat breakfast on the morning of the immunisation. You must complete the on-line form to accept or decline this vaccination.

For further information about vaccines, click here

Measles / Mumps / Rubella (MMR)

We would also like to remind you that all children and young people should have 2 doses of MMR. If you are not sure whether your child has been fully immunised against MMR please contact your GP or Practice Nurse for advice.