6th February 2018 – Last week our Year 8 students were treated to a fabulous insight into how the works of Shakespeare are performed by the Globe Players.  Here a selection of pupils discuss their highlights:

‘My favourite part was when they acted out ‘The Tempest’. They managed to show the emotions of love, anger and forgiveness all in one! They also engaged the audience with their storyline.’
Jessica Percudani (8Y)

‘My favourite part was when one man said to his true love that he would do anything to prove to her that he loved her, and then the actors froze and the narrator came up with some suggestions like buying her flowers or going on a romantic date. However, when they unfroze, the girl’s suggestion was for him to murder his best friend instead! Then, the Eastenders’ theme song played and it was very funny!’
Milly Hayes (8Y)

‘If I were to give this performance a star rating out of five, I would give it four because I wanted the show to be longer! Thank you for coming Globe Players!’
Halena Pawluk (8Y)

‘I was chosen to come up on stage and sit on a block, I was tied up with another girl and we were meant to be in trouble. The man and his sidekick wanted to kill and cook us! Just as they were about to, the other members told them to stop (thankfully!)’
Emily Stacey (8Y)

‘This performance was great! I found it lively, relatable and interesting as the actors explained some of the reasons why Shakespeare wrote the plays he did.’
Adwoa Gyamfi (8Y)

‘I thought the performance was great! It showed us that Shakespeare’s plays aren’t just pieces of writing on a page!’
Alanna Omar (8Y)

‘One reason I liked the performance was due to the fact that the actors always explained the context of the scene they were about to perform so that the audience could clearly understand.’
Philippa Green (8Y)

‘All of the scenes were amazing and the actors also included the audience a lot too. They didn’t break out of character and it was very realistic. The actors had very good stage presence and were quick when getting ready for the next scene. They also included some funny aspects. My favourite scene was the Macbeth scene because I really like sick, twisted, murderous stories because it makes the tension more exciting. They were good at getting into the lady Macbeth character because of how dark and manipulating she was.’
Zuleikha Robinson (8Y)