16th July 2019 – Over two days at the beginning of July every student in Year 8 had the opportunity to participate in a Classics event. With the support of an external company providing us with a Roman commander for the days, Y8 had the chance to experience what life would have been like in a Roman military camp during the time of the invasion of Britain.   Queen Boudica was attacking towns such as Londinium, Camulodunum and Verulamium itself, and trhoughout the day the students received regular bulletins about the progress of the war.  They were also given a clear idea of how their own efforts would contribute to the ‘Roman war effort.’

The students also took part in a series of workshops engaging with activities such as making wax tablets, mosaics, wall paintings, Roman medicines, and military tags, and even producing their own olive oil to fuel a Roman lamp. In the afternoon they enjoyed a Roman banquet whilst watching their peers perform army drills, dances to traditional music, and plays based on the fables of Aesop.

The Classics department would like to thank the whole of Y8 for their full engagement with the activities and for making some excellent pieces of Roman art work!

Here are some images from the two days.  Click on any one of these to enlarge it and/or view a slideshow.