17th March 2020 – Well done to Emily in 7J. She recently participated in the Vex Robotics National Finals. As a secondary school student, she was in the senior league of this competition, along with many participants studying at GCSE or A-level.  Other participants entered in teams, whereas Emily competed on her own. All in all, a brave undertaking!

Emily made it out of the group stage of the competition, then took part in a very tight and exciting match in which she lost by just one point, bringing her competition to an end in the last-16 phase!

Emily did however win an ‘Energy’ award, which was given for fulfilling the following criteria:

• a high level of excitement and energy maintained throughout the event;
• a clear passion for competition and for robotics, which enriched the experience for everyone;
• knowledge shown in interviews with judges, and overall professionalism.

Emily should be very proud of what she has achieved – she is a great ambassador for ‘Women in STEM’!