15th June 2017 – Year 7 have recently studied several poems: ‘First Ice’, ‘How to Eat a Poem’, ‘Home is’, ‘Island Man’, ‘The British’, ‘Blessing’, ‘Nettles’, ‘Mother Any Distance’ and ‘The Echoing Green.’ After exploring these poems analytically, students were asked to re-create their favourite poem in a different media/form and deliver a short presentation exploring their product and the inspiration for it. Students were given a range of suggestions for the type of product they could create and produced a beautiful array of: models, a costume, cakes, news reports, collages, photography, videos and Lego structures. The pictures are a sample of some of the wonderful pieces 7T created and are a real testament to the hard-work and effort put into this project. Mrs Higgins and Miss Guy were really impressed by the high standard and the detailed understanding of the poems reflected in the final pieces.

Well done 7T!