June 27th / Grace Harrington of 7Y has written a super review of this trip:

On the 20th of June, all Year 7 pupils and several members of staff stayed at Marchants Hill in Surrey.  We were all very excited to have a weekend of fun activities and time to spend with their friends.

On the Friday we travelled there and then had an afternoon of fun games and sports that our teachers organised for us. Luckily it was a glorious sunny day, which made it even better. In the late afternoon we were taken to our rooms, they were lovely and ideal for six people to share.

Later on that same evening, we had a whole year campfire. It was the perfect night to be outside as the weather was lovely and we all sat around a campfire singing songs and doing silly actions to go with them. It was a lovely way to start our PGL trip and it just showed us how much fun we were all going to have on our weekend away.


The next morning we got straight into activities. It was quite a tiring day but it was so much fun! Over the course of the weekend we all took part in eight activities. These activities were: the campfire, abseiling, archery, the zip-wire, the giant swing, challenge course, trapeze and the disco. All of the activities we took part in were exciting and great fun. I think we got to do the best activities that they have at PGL.

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One of the other great things is that I’m sure for a lot of people it would have been their first time to PGL and the first time they would have done some of the activities. Many of the girls had to overcome their fears to take part in some of the activities, but they gained the confidence to do them because they were given so much moral support by their team members.

The way that we were split into groups was that there were six people we knew and six people we didn’t know very well. This was a great idea because it allowed you to speak to new people, mix with girls from other forms and make new friends. We became closer friends because we were all supporting one another during the activities and cheering everyone on.

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On the trip we were fortunate enough to have lots of lovely instructors. They made our stay enjoyable and fun while also making sure we all stayed safe. It was very reassuring to know that people with so much experience in what they do were looking after us. I think we owe a lot of thanks to all of the instructors; they were great!

Overall, I think the trip was a great success. We all left feeling like we wanted to stay longer and saying that we would like to go back again soon. I hope they carry on doing the trip in future years because I think it is a great experience for any year 7 student, you get independence but in a safe, fun environment and get the chance to make new friends in your year group. I am so glad I went on the trip and I am sure that everyone else feels the same.

Thank you very much to all the organisers of the trip and the teachers that came to help. Without them we would not have been able to go so a huge thanks to all of them.