July 10th / Last Wednesday, Y7 pupils received extra insight into the value of MFL when they were visited by two guest speakers.   Carine Daourk-Channon works to provide IT for the travel industry, and Cat Mora Mora is a researcher in theoretical physics. Both are volunteers in the Inspiring the Future organisation.

 Allegra Verdigi and Analise De Silva Rodrigues (7J) tell us about their experience:

Carine came into our class and talked to us about her job. She is the head of a department made of 6 teams working to provide IT for the travel industry, in an international company. She is fluent in English, French and Arabic. They employ people from different nationalities. She taught us about the importance of learning other languages. We found out that learning a language when you are small is easier than when you are older and it is also really helpful to speak to natives when you are on holiday. We really enjoyed this lesson as it was very engaging to learn about the opportunities that you can have as a result of learning a new language.