16th Nov 2016 – On Monday, all of our Y7 pupils gathered in the hall to watch a very amusing French play. The actors performed their roles well and used great expression. It was entertaining when the actors asked students to come up on stage and participate in the play.  It was easy to follow the French as the actors made a point of repeating key phrases.

In the plot, there were two main characters, Emily and Tyler.  Tyler met Emily after becoming lost when his dinghy got pulled away by the tide.  Emily only spoke French, but Tyler spoke English and a little bit of French.  Emily tried to help him, but Tyler did not understand her at times.  Working together, they finally managed to get him back to his hotel.  It turned out that after being worried about getting into troubled with his parents, his mum had not even noticed that he had been missing at all!

This was an entertaining play and it helped us to understand even more French!