2nd July 2020 – Over the course of lockdown, the staff of the Technology department have been so impressed with the designing and making skills that many of our younger students have shown, demonstrating huge potential to continue the subjects to GCSE and beyond!

To celebrate the skills within our community, and as a way of using them to give back to loved ones, during Excellence week we asked all Year 7 & 8 students to plan, prepare and serve a special meal for their family, no matter what area of Technology they are currently studying.

We challenged them to pull out all the stops – if you have ever watched “Come Dine with Me”, you will know that the contestants not only make a 3-course meal, but also decorate the table beautifully, plan and produce an appetising and attractive menu, and organise entertainment to make the meal a really special event.

Many students certainly rose to the challenge, but the following girls have really stood out, not just in this task but in the many excellent skills they have showcased during lockdown;

In Year 7, we were particularly impressed by not only the meal but also the creativity that Sophie showed in her homemade table decorations, with all the Chinese lanterns and Chinese writing was done by hand.

Lucy also stood out for the attention she had paid to detail in every element of the experience for her family, including origami table decorations, a recital of a poem that was written for English, and a performance of a song that she wrote for Music.

Last but by no means least in Year 7, we have all been blown away by the projects which Emily has been undertaking in lockdown, many of which are in addition to the tasks we have set. Her meal was no exception, with 3 delicious looking courses and a beautifully decorated table- well done Emily!

The standard was just a high in Year 8, but after much deliberation we have selected to showcase the skills of the following students;

Sofia demonstrated a clear passion for cooking when she studied Food in the Autumn term, but she really showed us what she could do with this beautifully presented 3-course vegan menu which she made for her family.

Lily also produced a delicious-looking meal, full of popular dishes which were presented with care and attention to detail.

Our last Year 8 pick has to be Chiara, who also treated her family to a restaurant-quality experience, with 3-courses based on an Italian theme. She also took up the role of waitress for the night!

The students featured above should come and find Miss Cooke when we are back in school to collect their prizes, but we want to say congratulations again to all of you who entered into the spirit of Excellence week and gave your families an experience which we are sure they will treasure for years to come!