May 14th / This really was a trip of ‘awe and wonder’!  We spent an amazing 5 days visiting many of the incredible sights that Iceland has to offer.  The trip focused around the Golden Circle.  Highlights included the Blue Lagoon, Thingveliir, the national park were the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is clearly visible, the famous Geysir , Gullfoss and Skogafoss waterfalls and Kerid a dramatic volcanic lake … and that was just a few things seen in the first two days!  We stood at the base of Mount Hekla, stayed in a hotel at the base of Mount Katla (both active volcanoes!), visited the black volcanic beaches of Reynishverfi, and toured a geothermal power station.  We saw seals, hung out with Icelandic ponies, and held two hour old lambs!  Iceland brings alive everything that Geography is about!

Here are a few pictures from the trip (click on any image to enlarge it or to view a slideshow):

Iceland 066

Iceland 009

Iceland 081