Feb 29th / A sponsored “sportathon” is taking place at Loreto College in the gym on Saturday 12th March.  Y11 Pupils and any willing parents are invited to form groups to complete a challenging but rewarding task.  These include:

Sponsored Bounce

From 9 – 3.30pm there must always be someone from your team bouncing on a trampoline.  You should work in groups of at least 6, and must bounce for at least 45 minutes each altogether (with regular breaks).

Sponsored Rowathon

In groups of at least 6, you must attempt to row the equivalent of a Channel crossing.  You can break this down into stints of 1000m each before swapping.  In a group of 6, it should take about 45 minutes overall for each rower to complete their contribution.

In order for this event to raise funds for our Y11 charities, we need your help. Ideally we would like to complete the events all on one day and for this to run smoothly we need people to take part, to support the participants and to act as official monitors.

Of course, we also need sponsors!  If you would like to sponsor an individual or a group, donations can be made via Justgiving.  Click here to donate to Crohns and Colitis, and here to donate to SANE.

For more details about these sponsored events, please contact Mrs Baxter, Head of Year 11.

For general information about our Lenten Fundraising, please click here.