5th Feb 2018 – We are very excited to launch our latest Whole School Read!  Mrs Parkin, after reading and considering many young adult books, finally settled on 928 Miles From Home by award-winning author Kim Slater.

The book follows the story of our 14 year old protagonist Calum Brooks.  Calum’s home life is difficult, and things are generally not going that well for him.  However, Calum has a dream which helps to give him courage and energy every day.  His dream is to write an amazing script for film.

At school there are problems too.  His friendship group are beginning to bully a new boy from Poland.  Calum feels uncomfortable and has convictions about it, but he desperately wants to fit in with his friends, so he says nothing.

As the story continues we see Calum in situations where he has a chance to stand up and do the right thing.  Will he be brave, or will he do as so many do and just keep quiet so as not to rock the boat?

Just when Calum thought things may get better, a significant and unforeseen event means he must make some difficult choices.

This is a wonderful new book which explores many peaks and troughs in Calum’s life.  It is well written, thought provoking, and has a wonderful beginning, middle and end !

Get your copy from the library today!