22nd Feb 2017 – We have launched our 2017 Whole School Read!

After reading many possible contenders, Mrs Parkin was delighted to announce that this year’s book will be ‘The Wolf Wilder’ by award winning author Katherine Rundell.

This book is the unique story of Feodora and her mother.  Their two great loves are one another … and wolves!

Set against the backdrop of the Russian revolution, the story is beautifully written and takes the reader on an amazing journey.  It’s half adventure, half fairy tale, and no matter what the age of the reader, you are soon caught up in the drama of the story as Feodora sets off with her wolves to help her mother and flee from danger.

  This book was chosen for its beautiful language, its gorgeous illustrations, and the fact that Katherine Rundell is simply a born story teller.  There are authors who write for a living, and there are those who write because they simply must – Katherine Rundell falls into the latter category.  She is by no means new to story telling, and her previous books have won her many awards.

The aim of the Whole School Read is evident from its title: we hope that every one of our pupils and staff members will read this book over the next few months, and will engage in conversations with one another about the story.  We’d be delighted if  the parents of our pupils read it too – it is like a giant book club at Loreto!  Several pupils from the library team and a few members of staff have already read The Wolf Wilder, and their response to it has been overwhelmingly positive.

Happy reading everyone!