March 23rd / At the start of this half term Loreto College celebrated “Truth Week”.  At Loreto, in everything we do, we aspire to follow the values of Mary Ward.  One of her missions was to make students “Seekers of truth and doers of justice” and this is what pupils focused on during the week by partaking in themed lesson and activities.

Year 12 and 13 were extremely fortunate to listen to an inspirational talk from Funke Abimbola [below], perhaps best described through her Linkedln profile ‘Multi-award winning Lawyer/Leader/Speaker/Diversity Campaigner/Mentor/Sponsor/Patron/Board member/Proud mother’.  Pupils were able to learn a lot about a career in law and Funke’s personal journey to get to the truth and succeed.


Year 10 pupils took part in our first Mock trial at Loreto: ‘ The Queen vs Jackie Jones’. A group of students volunteered to undertake a variety of roles including lawyers, witnesses, the defendant, the jury, the clerk and the usher, as well as the press of course.  The girls spent a long time preparing their cases (either as defence and prosecution) and speeches. Preparing and participating in the mock trial helped introduce students to our legal system and provided them with some knowledge of the basic structure of the criminal justice system and court procedures. They also understood the influence the press can have over our perception of the truth.

 Year 9 and 10 pupils were also involved in session run by GSK ‘The truth behind drugs in sport’.  One of our Year 9 pupils wrote this about her experience:

A representative from GSK talked about what the company does and then we got to test 3 urine samples!  If one of them turned red then that person had taken a steroid.  If one of them turned blue then they had taken beta blockers.  We then had a discussion about drugs in sport and what the punishments should be for those who take drugs deliberately and those who take them unknowingly.  Drugs in sport is very much in the news at the moment, especially in athletics and it was interesting to learn how scientists test for drugs and why is such a difficult issue to resolve.

 One of the highlights of the week for pupils was a visit from Phil Williams [below], who gave a presentation entitled ‘Getting to the truth about our environment’.  Phil has been described as ‘a concerned bloke’ regarding what is happening to the environment, and his presentation inspired all!  One Year 10 pupil wrote the following:

It was so motivational to see someone speak with such passion about a very serious, prevalent topic and I felt I had to say thanks to Phil for coming to see us to teach us about the damage we humans do to the planet, making us leave as inspired individuals. I talked to my friends afterwards and the impact Mr Williams had on them left them all with the same mind-set as I; we all have an obligation to change our ways.


Music and Dance played an important part in the week.  Year 7, 8 and 9 pupils were treated to a live performance from ‘Taken’ [below]. The band came with an important message about the truth behind bullying, but they also had everyone up dancing!


Year 8 pupils also took part in a dance workshop with professional dancer Amanda Ling which was based on being true to yourself. The session involved learning a section of choreography based on the song ‘ You don’t own me’.

Overall this was a very busy, inspirational, exciting and enjoyable week. 

Many thanks to Mrs Mason-Clark for masterminding everything so well.