Dec 12th / Earlier this half-term, some of our Sixth Form students took part in a trip to Krakow.  This report on the trip has been written by Keira Young in Year 12, and the photos below were taken by her too.

Members of Year 12 visited Poland accompanied by Mrs Sheehan, Miss Moloney, Mrs Rowland-Caunce and Ms Wapshott. Poland itself was beautiful.  We had fun visiting Krakow, and had an enjoyable meal together at the Hard Rock Café.

The main purpose of our trip was to visit Auschwitz as part of our Psychology and/or Ethics courses.  This was a daunting experience.  It is one thing to read about all the children’s shoes and the two metric tons of human hair collected by the Nazis, but to actually see them piled up was almost unbearable. The cruelty that took place in the prison block defies belief, and we all left block 11 feeling genuinely moved.  On top of that, seeing the ovens where the Jews met their fate was truly harrowing.  Despite this, I am so glad we got the opportunity to go, out of respect for those who perished. Everyone should visit this place once.  It helps us to appreciate each other more, and to understand that although we might think our lives are hard, nothing compares to the struggles that these people went through.

When we returned to the Hotel Miss Moloney led a Prayer service which allowed us us to reflect on our day and share our thoughts.

Krakow 1





Krakow 3