Feb 15th / On Thursday 5th February, all the Y8 pupils went on a theatre trip to see a production of ‘The Railway Children’ at King’s Cross Theatre, London.  Casey Grimwade explains what the play is about, and how she felt about this production …

railway children 1

“The Railway Children” is about three children.  One day, two men ask to speak with their father: he leaves with them, and does not return.   The family eventually moves to live in the countryside near a train station.  After a bit of adaption to the countryside, the children make friends in the neighbourhood.  One day there is a blockage on the train tracks, and a train is due to arrive soon.  The children help to stop the train, and get rewarded with a pocket watch each.  On the day of their presentation, there is a train due to arrive and people are excited. When the train arrives, the last passenger emerges and it is their father.

railway children 2

The main characters who stood out to me were the three children: Bobby, Peter and Phil.  These stood out to me most because they were telling their story and they took us back to when it happened and it felt real.  They used great descriptive words to tell us what was going on and we understood them easily.  During the production, they used props that gave a good element of surprise.  The stage itself had moving parts that supplied different things; they used them for different rooms, and they also used it for trains.  Another prop that they had, which was very impressive, was a real steam train – the very one that was used in the making of the film!  This added an exhilarating effect to the whole play.

Overall, I think that the production was very good, and it was very emotional in different ways.  I know that nearly everyone who went was very happy with the production, and if I was given the chance, I would see it again.  I would definitely recommend this production to all family members.