The Brief

In this project students were asked to create a photomontage and then paint it onto A3 paper. These photomontages all had the key theme of body positivity.

Student Reflection & Examples 

The theme of the make-up bags was ‘Makeup Bag with a Message’. The message had to be something positive about beauty. I came up with the design by looking through some magazines and making a picture collage of the photos I wanted to use for my bag. To find the right pictures for the idea I had for my bag, I had to use different magazines so that i could make my design look as eye-catching as possible. The magazines ranged from the 1970’s to the 1990’s. From this project, I learnt many skills. I was able to increase my skills on the machine but I was able to get better at free machine embroidery. A new skill I learnt was sewing on a zip and lino printing. It was a very fun project and it was also very good for increasing skills on the sewing machines. By Matilda Munnelly

Aadi Kandaramath 9S

Aoife Keogh 9F

Catarina Moreira 9F (back)

Catarina Moreira 9F (front)

Laura Marszalek 9S

Matilda Munnelly 9S

Olivia Mgbor 9J