3rd May 2018 – Last week was Sustainable St Albans Week.  At Loreto the students have been exploring various issues to do with sustainability and are trying to get the message across that we can act locally to help the global environment.

The school has been looking at the issue of plastic pollution. The students conducted a survey to see how much plastic they throw away and shocked by the results, have all pledged to try to reduce their plastic waste. Two of our sixth form students, Sophie and Anna, were so passionate about the issue that they have helped to design a reuseable water bottle which is on sale in our school shop. They hope to phase out single use bottles at school by the next academic year!

Some of our Y7 girls are promoting the environmental issue of water scarcity this week and are running activities at lunchtime to inform other students of how to save water.

Y9 pupils have been studying the globalisation of fashion in their geography lessons and have been looking at how to buy clothes from more ethical sources.  The fast fashion industry is a massive polluter and uses a huge amount of electricity and water. Buying clothes from more ethical fashion companies such as “People Tree” and the H&M conscious range, is a simple way for a consumer to be more sustainable.

To find out more about SuStainable St Albans Week, click here: https://sustainablestalbans.org/