12th July 2019 – Today four of our pupils gave a presentation in the St Albans Council Chambers about various initiatives undertaken this year in Loreto College to help create a more sustainable environment.

These initiatives included a large number of our students.  Some of these were JPIC committee members who delivered lessons and assemblies to lower year groups.  Some of them were school councillors, who have been working with our canteen manager to try and reduce plastic waste.  Some were Year 8 Geography students who created posters and gave assemblies to raise greater awareness of what each of us can do to help secure the environment.  Some were Year 9 students who helped to raise just under £2,500 for WaterAid.  Some were Year 7 students who took part in a clothes swap aimed at increasing the lifespan of their clothes.

These pupils were helped in particular by Miss O’Callaghan, Miss Robinson, Mrs White, Mrs Johnson and Miss Aherne.  Thanks to the hard work of all these people, and thanks to the excellent presentation skills of Paige, Amelia, Henrietta and Sarah, Loreto College was judged to be the school that has made the most progress with sustainability in the local area!  Well done to everyone who helped to make this happen – keep up the excellent work!

If you’d like to know more about this, you can see the powerpoint they used, and a transcript of what they said:

St Albans SusFest 2019 presentation

SusFest Dragon’s Den Loreto

First ones to arrive!

Being interviewed for an item on Radio Verulum

Watching a UN film on the importance of improving sustainability

Giving the presentation

The winning team!