10th March 2017 – During PSHE this week, our Y8 students were given a super presentation by Kate Huggett of Action For Conservation.  The pupils responded really well to this, and afterwards we were delighted to receive a message from Kate saying “they were fantastic in the session, a real credit to the school.”

During her talk, Kate mentioned a Conservation Summer Camp. Katarina Lundrigen and Sarah Murray (Y11) both attended the Camp last summer.  They made an excellent contribution to the presentation, and it was clear they both had a fantastic time.  All students aged 12 or over are eligible to take part in this event.  The camp is free, but pupils have to enter a competition individually or in pairs in order to win a place on it.  There are three questions they need to answer:

1. Focus – What do you think is the most serious environmental problem facing your local area and why?
2. Action – What action would you take to solve this problem?
3. Communication – How would you persuade people to take action with you?

Pupils can answer in writing or by sending in a video answering these questions.  For more details of the competition, and also a report on the last camp, click here.