8th June 2018 – Yesterday a group of Y9 students were privileged to attend a preview of the newly refurbished St Albans Museum and Gallery.  Here they tell us about their experience …

This building is on the original site of the Town Hall and was established just before World War One began. We were given a tour of both the art galleries and the court room.

To begin with, we were given the chance to explore Susie MacMurray’s ‘Masquerade’ exhibition. This portrayed the oppression of women in royalty throughout history. It focused on soft exteriors and hard or sharp interiors to represent the harsh reality of women in high Georgian society. One of our particular favourites was a wall display featuring over 700 hand sewn velvet objects impaled with barbed wire. This theme of red velvet and barbed wire reoccurred throughout the exhibit.

Towards the end of the tour, we were let loose in the refurbished Court Room. Underneath the court room was a staircase leading down to the prison cells below the building. Some of us had a mock ‘court hearing’, and later on Ms Robinson was convicted for theft of the Crown Jewels. Everyone had a good time, with many of us having the opportunity to be the judge or the defendant. Naturally Mr Downes was also found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.

All of us enjoyed the trip and learned a lot about the history of the area and the people who lived there. We would definitely recommend a visit to this museum for an interesting and informative experience.