Oct 2nd / On Wednesday and Thursday, 11 of our Y10 students helped out at the St John Fisher Sports Day. Here’s there report on what this involved …

On Wednesday, we helped with the infant and reception pupils. This involved being in charge of  events such as the egg-and-spoon race, football dribbling, basketball shooting, and hula-hooping.  We did our best to encourage and support the younger children.  We also helped with the obstacle race and flat races. It was a really enjoyable and sunny day and everyone did really well.


On Thursday, it was the turn of the juniors, and this was a much more competitive event.  Pupils took part in an obstacle race, a carousel of field activities and the finale of flat races.  We were in charge of scoring the events such as throwing the javelin, blindfold races and hockey dribbling, and ensuring that each house got the correct amount of house points. We also tried to encourage and support the pupils. Again it was a beautiful sunny day and everyone did brilliantly.

Many thanks go to Ella, Aine, Phillipa, Lucy, Alys, Grainne, Abigail, Naomi, Cara, Molly, and Kimberley.

Looking forward to next year already!