19th Jan 2017 – Yesterday saw the start of our Year 9 sports leaders programme.  Those who are taking part in this initiative are preparing participants for the Sainsburys School Games athletics competitions throughout the district.   This is the second year we have trained for and led this event.

Yesterday, students received training on how to set up activities such as the speed bounce, vertical jump, javelin and obstacle relay. They also worked on their leadership and organisational skills in order to ensure each event will run smoothly. They will put these skills into action on Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st January at the Year 6 sportshall athletics completion at Oaklands.




Our Sports Leaders are:

Bradbury Holly 9F

Brunt Layla 9S

Bryce Heather 9J

Burt Sadie 9F

Cahill Niamh 9S

Constantinou Ellie 9T

Cummins Brogan 9Y

Darbandi Aliya 9T

Doherty Georgia 9T

Dowling Carla 9F

Griffiths Anne-Marie 9S

Guegan Cecile 9Y

Hayes Isabel 9F

Hislam Hope 9T

Keating Megan 9J

Lundrigan Alexandra 9S

McConachie Georgia 9J

Minns Alana 9Y

Monastero Daniela 9Y

Morrsion Lara 9F

Mullins Hannah 9T

Murphy Aoife 9S

Niezgoda Maja 9J

Stratton Georgia 9F

Wilson Jennifer 9J