1st July 2019 – Our Year 8 & 9 students have been supporting the international campaign, “Send My Friend to School”.  During their PSHE lessons, they learned how millions of children around the world are missing out on an education. Messages have been sent to St Albans MP Anne Main, to ask for her to speak up in parliament for the many children who are currently “locked out” of education. Examples of their work are on the website.

Education is a universal human right. It is the key to a positive future for individual children, whole communities and the wider world. However – due to inequality – millions of children are being locked out of education simply because of who they are and where they live.

Access to education and learning is not a level playing field. Children are experiencing unfair treatment for many reasons – including having a disability, being female in a place where gender discrimination is rife, living in a rural area, experiencing poverty or being caught up in an emergency. Many children experience several of these factors at the same time, in overlapping and reinforcing ways – increasing their exclusion.

2019 is crucial in the journey to unlocking education for all children, because this year the international community, including the UK for the very first time, will be reviewing its progress against its promise of ensuring education for all.