7th Dec 2016 – Last week the Science department invited into Loreto a team of medical students from Kings College.  They gave a presentation entitled “Bench to Bedside” to a number of our Year 10 and Year 12 students.

The presentation began with a video following the story of Mr Zemlinksy, a patient who has been admitted into hospital after having a stroke.  We found out about the science behind his story through the experience of some of the research scientists working behind the scenes.  This well-formulated session served to further pupil knowledge of serious conditions such as stroke.  By meeting the practitioners who directly provide care to patients, whether in a hospital, a local surgery or other setting, students were given detailed insights into a number of interrelated professions, from A& E consultants through to Speech and Language therapists.

 We are very grateful to the students of Kings College for giving up their time to come and talk to our students about the importance of science, and about potential careers in medicine.