March 18th / Dear Parents, I am a 6th Form pupil at Loreto College and I am also Chairperson of the School Council. I am writing to all parents on behalf of the School Council as we represent the collective ‘voice’ of the pupils at our school.

We are really excited about the possibility of organising and running a live music festival this summer. We feel that a festival, which we have already named ‘LC Fest’, would be a fantastic way to have fun and raise much needed funds which will be used throughout the school.

But, mums and dads, we can’t do this on our own. We need your guidance, expertise, connections or your time. We have outlined below the areas that we need help with and we are hopeful that there will be enough volunteers amongst the parents to help us to run this event.

Could you please have a look at the following list that we have put together, and if there are any areas that you are able to help with, then please come to our next meeting at Loreto College on Wednesday 25th March at 6.30 pm or, if you are unable to make this meeting but are willing to help, please email me at with details.

Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon.

Olivia Fraquelli, Loreto School Council Chairperson

‘LC Fest’ Event Organisation

1. Event Management, Advertising and Marketing. Calling all parents who have experience in Event Management or Marketing & Advertising. We need your help and expertise.

2. LC Fest Web Page and Booking System. Calling all parents in IT/Web Design. We need to build a webpage with a booking system to allow customers to pay for tickets online.

3. Sponsorship. If you are unable to donate your time or services perhaps you are in a position to sponsor our Festival and in return we will advertise your business!

4. Stage. We need to borrow or hire a stage for the acts to perform on.  Any suggestions?

5. Electrics, Lighting, Sound. Calling all qualified electricians. Please help with lighting and electricity for this event.

6. Bands We have already provisionally booked 3 fantastic bands but we need more. Do you have any contacts in the entertainment business?

7. Portaloos. We will need to hire portaloos for the event. Could any parents help with sourcing a good deal?

8. First Aiders.  Calling all qualified First Aiders to donate a couple of hours of your time on the day.

9. Health & Safety Advisers. Calling all Health & Safety experts to offer us advice.

10. Photographers. Calling all photographers who would like to cover the event.

11. Refreshments. If you work in the refreshments business would you like to ‘buy’ a stand and sell your produce on the day?  Do you have a contact who would be willing to sell us produce/refreshments at cost?

12. Stalls & Entertainment.  Face Painters?  Henna Tattooists?  Bucking Bronco?  Hair Braiding?  Would you like to reserve a stand so that you could offer your services or sell your produce?

13. Security. The event cannot proceed without volunteers who will ensure the safety of Festival-goers.  Do you work for a security firm? Could you advise us on our security for the event?