Oct 24th / As our Reading Week comes to a close, here is a summary of some of the highlights:

On Monday, Year 7 students heard from Helen Moss, the author of the Adventure Island series.  More details to follow.

On Wednesday, Year 8 students spent time with the award-winning author Helen Watts (pictured below).  She discussed her book “One day in Oradour”, which is based on true events at this village in France.  Helen told the girls all about the process of writing this book, and what it means to her to be a historical fiction writer.

Helen Watts

On Friday, Year 9 students enjoyed a talk by the award-winning author Julia Golding (see below).  She also brought in some props to illustrate the periods she covers in her historical fiction, which goes all the way back to the pyramids!  The girls listened as she explained how making props and developing timelines helps her with her writing.  Julia also writes under the name Joss Stirling.

Julia Golding 

We are so grateful to all three of these authors for giving up their time to talk with our students, for helping them to understand the composition process, and for inspiring them to read more!